Did you know that LiteSpeed provides high-speed, storage-thrifty Oracle backup and recovery too?

NetVault LiteSpeed for Oracle integrates seamlessly with RMAN and can provide up to 90% backup storage savings. Also, LiteSpeed for Oracle can encrypt sensitive data stored in backups with a minimum of impact on Oracle performance.


However, in spite of these impressive LiteSpeed benefits, many Oracle customers stick with native backup tools as they are unsure how effective a third party solution would be in their organization or how difficult and/or dangerous deploying a new Oracle backup and recovery product might be.


Please read our new technical brief that explores when moving to a third-party Oracle data protection solution makes sense and explains the factors that should enter into your decision:


NetVault® LiteSpeed® Ahead: Accelerating Oracle Database Backups and Reducing Costs


Steve Paravola

Product Marketing Manager - NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server & NetVault LiteSpeed for Oracle