Did you know? Using Wake On Lan (WOL)

Did you know that your appliances can be configured to send Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packets to wake up your computers? Assuming, of course, your network and your computers are configured to allow it. If so, then you may never need worry that the machines you need to perform some action on are shut down.

Whether you are deploying patches overnight, scripting software and other changes, or preparing to reimage a classroom at a time when your computers are not in use – and may powered down – you can wake them up! You can choose computers by Mac Address, or select a label of machines. You can push it out manually or schedule it to be pushed out at a time of your choosing. A scheduled push can be directed to multiple labels on the K1000; immediate actions can be performed by both the K1000 & K2000.

So, next time your Desktops are “offline” during your overnight maintenance schedule, investigate whether Wake-on-LAN is an option for you! Check out some of the discussions at ITNinja!