Discover A Better Approach To Change Data Capture (CDC) With SharePlex

Now that Oracle has announced retirement of Change Data Capture as of Oracle 12c, are you looking for a replacement? Do you recall setting up change data capture (CDC) with options of which mode to use? CDC involves determining if staging tables will be in the same database or separate. It also involves whether the logs will be shipped or if they remain local. Log shipping created the additional complexity that the source and target databases always would have to be upgraded together.  Additionally this required uninterrupted Oracle net connectivity to transport logs. The model of publishers, subscriptions, propagation requires maintenance and administration in each of these areas. Oracle’s recommendation is to implement GoldenGate and this requires going through a similar process where each of these items are individually configured.

How would you like a solution with the intelligence to easily define and manage objects to publish, subscriptions and propagation all in one place? Dell SharePlex replication and near real-time data integration does with easy to understand definitions of source tables, target tables and the route in a single line. These lines can contain wild cards to pick up many objects (even exclude others) to make it really efficient to replace Oracle CDC. The difference with SharePlex is that all of its parts talk and work together instead of requiring separate instructions. All CDC solutions must perform the functions of publishing, propagating and subscribing. Why administer these separately? SharePlex provides a connected solution where all parts communicate with one another so you don’t end up being the glue that holds it together. Give SharePlex a try and find out why thousands of others are experiencing a much better total cost of ownership as you replace CDC.