Do You Need to License OEM to Use Foglight or Performance Analysis?

This question comes up from the field every few weeks, and always for the same reason.

An Oracle sales rep, attempting to sell OEM to an existing Foglight or Performance Analysis customer, insinuates that our products rely on licensed components of Oracle that require purchase and licensing of OEM Diagnostic Pack. They are careful not to make a direct accusation, but plant uncertainty in the mind of the customer worried about license compliance with Oracle. The idea is that since ADDM, AWR, and ASH are licensed components of Diagnostic Pack whether the OEM console is used and our products do similar things then perhaps we are using that OEM functionality.

So, what is the answer to the question posed above?

It is an unequivocal no. We have gone so far as to post it on our webpages and datasheets to officially state the same.

In fact, we are careful not to use any licensed Oracle functionality and to make sure, we test Foglight for Oracle Performance Suite with OEM licensed functionality disabled to confirm that we do not use anything requiring a license or additional payment to Oracle.

You can use the following instructions from Oracle to disable the functionality in question for version 11G to remove doubt:

A new initialization parameter,CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS, controls access to Oracle Diagnostics Pack. This parameter can be set to one of three values:

· DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING: Oracle Diagnostics Pack and Oracle Tuning Pack functionally is enabled in the database server.

· DIAGNOSTIC: Only Oracle Diagnostics Pack functionality is enabled in the server.

· NONE: Oracle Diagnostics Pack and Oracle Tuning Pack functionally is disabled in the database server.


But rest assured that using Foglight or Performance Analysis alone will not violate license compliance for using OEM licensed functionality.