Don't forget the data!

As part of your ongoing (perhaps for years) Identity (access) Management projects - I'm sure the data management, manipulation and production has been a large part of your work effort. As compliance restrictions grow, IT operations increase in size, scope and complexity - so do the efforts to produre, manage and otherwise utilize corporate data for your project.


We have seen where data that shouldn't be silo'd (like Exchange DLs) was actually in 'another department' far from the user provisioning teams' efforts - to the point where special approvals had to be given just for read access - never mind write/create. Classic examples of course are HR and Mainframe data - generally held onto with a death grip you probably haven't seen before 


However, there is a better option. In the 'old days' of Identity management - you were forced to be a sloppy data hog. That is, assemble this smorgasborg of data (exports, db dumps, etc.) all into one spot, and when that was done was when you could actually start working on it.


Now we are more effective - via two primary technologies from Quest. Quest One Quick Connect is a low touch data management tool that can provide for most of your data efforts without having to have all the data in one location - be in a remote data base, web services instance or read only LDAP source - QC can manage most operations without exclusive and physical access to it.


Taking it a step further, as part of our recent Symlabs acquisition, most of the data can now be joined 'on the fly' without moving the source information. Perhaps more key, the 'image' of the dataset presented to you is live, and always live (selectable via cache or not) which means you can have a richer data story - without again begging for exports, moving files around on file shares and unzipping stuff.


Its much simpler now to produce a context and content rich scenario for your IAM solution - and these two primary Quest tools are some of the best out there!