Don't Gamble on Disjointed Virtualization Management

Capacity management has been cited by analysts as one of the top operational concerns for virtualization for over a year now and we continue to hear the same from our customers as their virtual infrastructures continue to grow beyond >30% virtualized. Old news? Hardly. In the run up to VMworld, Bernd Harzog wrote an article highlighting a short list of software for “enterprise virtualization performance and capacity management”. Why is this so important? Because the article clearly and accurately cites that both performance monitoring AND capacity management are required to solve virtualization management challenges in a growing, complex, and dynamic environment. At Quest, we have spent many years in the application performance monitoring industry achieving a leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Given that position, we applied our expertise to monitoring the virtual infrastructure which has brought us to the top seat of independent virtualization management vendors. Now, we are leveraging our performance monitoring expertise as a key component for solving capacity management challenges. The “interrelationships” achieved between performance monitoring and capacity management are critical in preventing poor application and infrastructure performance, reducing wasted virtual infrastructure resources, and accurately forecasting growth to support the business. Let us show you how vFoglight will address your enterprise performance monitoring and capacity management needs.


Come visit us at VMworld August 29th - September 1st @ The Venetian, booth #521.