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 Is it possible to meter the accumulative uptime of a computer? We need to see how long our PC’s are online for over a year to work out potential cost savings if we enforce machine shutdowns. We have tried this by metering the Kace Agent its self, but curious to know if there is a better way?




 Excellent question! There’s always more than one way to accomplish something, and I like the approach you are taking, however it may not be necessary. Many years ago, we implemented a cumulative uptime monitor in K1000 for exactly this purpose, along with some useful scripts, and reports. In your reporting module you’ll find There is a great set of reports categorized as “Power Management” that will give you some excellent slices of your energy consumption and potential savings. You could easily duplicate and modify any of them to fit your needs. Keep in mind that not all operating systems report their uptime the same way, but it will get you most of the way to that magic number of usage that you need. Energy reporting is never an exact science. Another piece to this puzzle is the K1000 setting for “Retain Device Uptime Data”. You’ll find this in the General Settings control panel; By default it is configured for 6 months- adjust it to longer than your planned reporting interval for best results.

Hope that helps!

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—Dr. K