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Question: What is the best way to automate an automatic rename of a machine and join it to a Windows Domain, after you deploy a new image to it?

Answer: Great question! There are many ways that you can go about renaming machines and joining them to a Windows Domain. Personally I like to rename and join the domain using scripts that come prebuilt in the K2000- they offer some flexibility and certainly. The only issue with working with these two tasks together is that you will want to have a restart in between them, so that the machine name is properly set prior to joining the domain.  To find out how to properly add restarts, please check out the Windows 7 Postinstall Converter here.

Another method would be to use the Rename/Join Domain script located on the KACE website here.  This task also utilizes WSName, but by default renames computers based on their serial numbers. This parameter can be modified to change the name based on other machine based parameters as well, such as chassis type, model, or MAC address.  More information on those parameters can be found here. Follow the instructions on the KACE site to properly setup the script, which includes restarting your machine between naming and domain joining.

Hope that helps!

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—Dr. K