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The O/S install date is available in the computer inventory, but I can’t seem to find it when I do an Advanced search. It would be really helpful to have access to that and other data in
the hardware inventory that I can’t seem to find through search…

Not everything is available via the wizards. That would make the wizard really big, ugly, and slow. However, the data is in the MySQL database. With a bit of SQL-fu one can determine what data they need. If you don’t have the SQL-fu that’s okay too; that’s what ITNinja.com is for. Ask the community and you’re bound to find an answer. Once you know where the data is, you can use it in labels, reports, and more. We’re also always improving the search capability- be sure to add your request to kace.uservoice.com so folks can vote on getting it added! Depending on what you want to do, the SQL will vary, but the column you seek is: OS_INSTALLED_DATE in the table: MACHINE

Hope that helps!