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Have you ever been building a custom field in your service desk and though- “I wish I could use a CSV list for this…” You CAN! So, you already know you can import a CSV into the assets tables; what you may not know is that with a simple command and a SQL select statement you can leverage other tables, like assets, in your service desk customer fields.

So picture this scenario- you’ve got a need to support every time zone or zip code, or something else really time consuming to type in. You find the perfect list on your network, or online. You get it cleaned up for CSV import if necessary (but it wouldn’t be because it was perfect, right?!). Create an Asset type to hold all these wonderful tidbits. Import the CSV to the asset type. Use a custom query to populate your single or multi-select field types. More on that final step here: https://support.quest.com/kb/SOL114937

Now apply that same concept to other types of data that exist- maybe you have a cellular phone support queue, and all sorts of Asset data about your phones. Or maybe you want to build a field that allows users to submit tickets on behalf of others- you could query other tables beyond assets! As always- test your SQL in a safe place before implementing into a production environment; Bad SQL can cause all sorts of havoc.