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Some users are using  the MSRA (Microsoft Remote Assistance) in their infrastructure to connect remotely to client nodes. We think that’s pretty great- MSRA allows you to be flexible with the user like VNC, but secure and safe like Remote Desktop; it’s really the best of both worlds. The problem is that after the admin configures the K1000 Machine Action in General Configuration it may not always work…

To offer Remote Assistance to users you should configure the appropriate GPO in your domain controller, to allow a specific user or group to offer the assistance.

To set that up:

  1. From your domain controller, click Start and execute the command “GPMC.MSC”.
  2. Right click in Default Domain Policy (or create a new one for this purpose) then select “Edit”.
  3. Go to Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Remote Assistance
  4. Configure the GPO with these options:
    1. Turn on Bandwidth optimization > Enabled = No optimization
    2. Solicited Remote Assistance > Enabled = Allow helpers to remotely control the computer
    3. Offer Remote Assistance > (Enabled).

      Select “Allow helpers to remotely control the computer” then select Helpers. Select the domain group that will be able to offer Remote Assistance.

You can now use Machine actions from your K1000 or K2000 to connect to another machine and share the session! Something like this might work well for most of you:

Name:              Windows Vista/7/8/2008/2012 Initiated Command Line:

MRSA              %WINDIR%\system32\msra.exe /offerRA KACE_HOST_IP

Microsoft has more details on the GPO, command line, security, and anything else you may need- but the info above is enough to get most of you going. We hope that you found this information helpful. For other suggestions like this, be sure to visit ITNinja.comblog.kace.com and the Quest KACE Support Knowledge Base.