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 The K2000 creates a deployment info file on any system that is deployed. That file can be used on the K1000 to determine a number of things, including the date a machine was imaged, which in turn could be used to populate a Label. We simply use a custom inventory rule on the K1000 to determine the details and then we can use that data to do other things like patching and software installs!

(This is designed for use with a K2000, but could potentially be adapted for use with other imaging tools.)

On the K1000:

Create a New Item in Inventory > Software

Name the item “Image Date – Win 7/8″; the Publisher and Version field is optional

Select any Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating Systems in the “Supported Operating Systems” section

Add the following to the “Custom Inventory Rule”FileInfoReturn(C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\k2000_deployment_info.conf, CreatedDate, DATE) 

 Repeat for Windows XP (optional if you will be deploying WinXP images) FileInfoReturn(C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Dell\KACE\k2000_deployment_info.conf, CreatedDate, DATE)

These software items will, when they find a machine that has the K2000 deployment file, create a Custom Inventory Field that lists the creation time stamp of that file. This information, in turn can be used to create a Smart Label to mark any computer that have been “Recently Imaged”.

That Label could then have various tasks associated with it to be run within the first few hours of being imaged. Tasks such as Software Installs, “Approved” Patches, and one-time configuration scripts could use that label and be run frequently.