Enterprise Backup and Deduplication—Unleashed

We have some exciting news this week: NetVault Backup 8.6 and NetVault SmartDisk 1.5 are now generally available. This is exciting news since there’s a lot packed into the two releases. Kudos to the whole Quest Data Protection team, and special thanks to our beta testers!


Allow me to give you a brief summary of the enhancements:


First, we’ve improved NetVault Backup’s index caching techniques. Now, this improvement may go unnoticed—until you need to perform a restore! It’s like neatly organizing your file cabinet. If you ever need to fetch something, you’ll be able find it that much faster. Based on our own tests, we cut the restore time from an incremental backup in half. Not too shabby.


Second, we’ve improved NetVault Backup’s scalability. We increased the NDMP job index limit from 4GB to 16GB and removed any limitation on the number of files that can be processed in a single File System backup job. This allows customers to protect their existing environment while being confident that their backup solution will meet their needs tomorrow.


Third, NetVault Backup is the first backup solution to support block-level incremental backup for BlueArc’s highly scalable, high-performance NAS systems. Quest Software has a rich history protecting NAS filers. This BlueArc support offers significant improvements in performance and scalability. After the first full backup, all subsequent backups will only take new and changed blocks, greatly improving the speed of data transfer and reducing the amount of backup data stored.


Finally, we’ve extended our support for even more platforms, applications, tape devices, and NAS systems. There are too many to mention here, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that we now support Mac OS X Lion (10.7). (Since NetVault Backup can run on *and* protect Mac OS X, Quest has acquired a passionate, vocal Mac user base.)


On the dedupe side, NetVault SmartDisk will now support backup data from NAS filers, by way of NDMP, and NetVault BMR. It will support the next release of vRanger as well—vRanger 5.3 (due out in late Q4). With these enhancements, NetVault Backup customers can get true enterprise-wide deduplication for all of their protected systems—including VMware backups, NAS systems, and full system backups. Unlike some dedupe solutions on the market today, SmartDisk deduplicates data across different sources, backup jobs and backup servers. Users can see dramatic storage savings.


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