Enterprise Reporter Reporting: How do I know when the data was collected?

In the previous article, Clarence shared How to Email Scheduled Reports to Recipients.  In this article, we'll cover a key point in reading those reports - when the data in the reports was collected. 

When generating and reading reports, we will need to know when the information shown in our reports was collected. For example, if you are investigating a security breach, you need to understand exactly when the permissions were collected and effective. Or, if you are running multiple reports to check compliance, you will also need to understand exactly when the data was collected to ensure the date of compliance. 

Every Enterprise Reporter 2.0 or 2.5 report displays the Last Collected field to highlight the date and time when the information was last collected. For convenience, the date and time is always converted to the local time of the person who is running the report.

When creating a new report in the report designer, the Last Collected Time field is available in each of the report types so you can add the Last Collected time to your report in a convenient location.

To help you find the Last Collected Time field, refer to this table.

Report Type

Last Collected Time available for

Active Directory




SQL Server

SQL Server


Computer on which the folder, share, or file is located


Computer on which the registry is located


For more information on creating reports, see the Enterprise Reporter Report Manager User Guide.

In the next installment, we'll be reviewing more Advanced Reporting concepts.