Enterprise Reporter Reporting: The Power of an Enterprise Reporter Custom Query Report

In the previous Enterprise Reporter article, Aravind shared how to know when the information on a report was collected.  Today, we will take a closer look at creating your own reports using the report designer in Enterprise Reporter.

The report designer gives Enterprise Reporter users the ability to generate reports using custom queries. These reports can be run on demand or can be scheduled in advance to run automatically at a later time.

When to use custom query reports?

If the out-of-box reports or report types supplied in Enterprise Reporter do not deliver the reporting data you need, custom reports can be generated by creating your own queries to retrieve just the information you want. The appearance of these reports can be customized using the layout designer in Enterprise Report Manager.

 Steps to create a custom query report

  1.  Click Create and select Custom Query Report to launch the wizard and create a new report using a custom query.

  2. General: Enter a Report Name, Author and Description for the report.

  3. Query:
    Write a SQL query that retrieves the information that you need.
    Click Validate Query to make sure the query is valid.

  4. Parameters:
    Based on the query provided in the Query tab, you will be given the option to add parameters to the query for operators to use to run the report. These parameters can be either Optional, Required, or Hidden.
    Enter the prompt message where the user can supply a value for the parameter.
    The “Equals” and “Include” operators can be used for String data types; only “Equals” operators can be used for Boolean data types.

  5. Layout: Layout designer will be used to design the report layout.

Custom reports in the Report Library

Enterprise Reporter 2.0 has 6 Custom Reports in the Report Library which are shipped as out-of-box reports and they can be used as references to create and design new Custom Reports.

How to differentiate between other out-of-box reports and custom reports in Enterprise Reporter?

All of the custom reports have a specific icon  in front of the Report Name while all other reports have this icon .

For more information on creating reports, see the Enterprise Reporter Report Manager User Guide.

In the next installment, we'll be reviewing more Advanced Reporting concepts.