Episode 02 of TheQuestCast Podcast Is Up Privilege Manager For #Sudo With Jason Fehrenbach

Episode 02 of TheQuestCast podcast is up and this week finds us talking to Quest Product Manager Jason Fehrenbach. Jason is helping UNIX and Linux administrators with his product Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo. If you have ever seen challenged with limiting Unix/Linux permissions for down level administrators this is a great episode to listen too. Furthermore, Jason explains the core problem that Privilege Manager for Sudo solves for administrators as well. Finally, there is a tip for users on how to locate more plugins for Privilege Manager.


If you are unfamiliar with Quest One Privelage Manager for Sudo here is a breif description:


Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo helps Unix/Linux organizations take privileged account management through sudo to the next level. The Privilege Manager for Sudo plug-ins enhance sudo 1.8.1 (and newer) with a central policy server, centralized management of sudo and the sudoers policy file, centralized reporting on sudoers access rights and activities, as well as keystroke logging of activities performed through sudo.

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