ESG Lab Report Analysis - Foglight for Storage Management Improves IT efficiency

How to improve efficiency in your IT environment webcast 

As businesses strive to align IT operations with business process improvements, the complexity of growing and managing virtualized IT environments can be a cause for concern. As these environments grow, IT administrators are expected to maintain the balance of resource allocation, consumption and costs while maximizing the efficiency of multiple business units with dissimilar requirements.

Tony Palmer is a Senior Engineer and Analyst for ESG Lab, and he boasts 24 years of field experience in networking, systems and storage solutions. And he recently put together a lab validation report for ESG on performance monitoring for virtualization and storage infrastructures, and, more specifically, the benefits derived from using Dell Foglight for Storage Management.

On July 23, Tony and VP of Product Management for Quest, John Maxwell will be part of a live webcast discussing the results of his report and how organizations can use Dell Foglight for Storage Management to easily visualize and monitor a virtualized, multi-vendor environment made up of multiple, diverse, server, network and storage resources, while leveraging automated, actionable insight and advice.

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