File Migrator for SharePoint 1.8 has arrived

Pleased to annouce that File Migrator for SharePoint 1.8 is ready and will ship soon (Dec. 9th is the date you can look for it at


This minor release is very focused on improving the overall migration experience.


1st off we have extended our migration support to Custom Office 2010 Metadata. Custom Metadata is a cool way to enhance you Office 2010 documents on a file share, but you risk losing these when migrating them to SharePoint. With FMSP 1.8 we now fully support this custom Metadata and you can filter off of it as well.


The 2nd much larger feature is the ability use a CSV file to define your migration. Why do this? While in FMSP you can filter and try to control a migration to a very deep level, sometimes you just have a little bit too much configuration and challenges in getting the right data set across. In a CSV driven migration there is no such worries. Each row of the CSV file can define a single file, it's target and source location and any extra and specific Metadata you wish to add to the file while it migrates over.


The UI has changed sligthly to support this new feature:

When creating a migration job, click on the CSV button or drag and drop a CSV file into the source list box. If you need to edit the CSV file you can otherwise proceed to the preview pane. Click on the Preview button and if the CSV file is in the proper format it will show you the first 500 files and you can confirm that it seems to be working.


Refer to the documentation on how the CSV file should be formatted, but there are only three required fields so we have made it as easy as possible. Up to 116 additinonal metadata fields can be configured via the CSV file and we hope that is enough, so get classifying!


As always the updates is fairly seamless and any jobs you had created in FMSP 1.6 or 1.7 will be maintained.


File Migrator's home on the web is