Foglight 5.6.3 Enhancement to the Service Operations Console: The End-User Tab

User monitoring is one of the cornerstones of application performance management. It is easy to see why—user transactions are why applications exist. Real end-user and synthetic transaction monitoring provide definitive evidence to application support teams of application performance and availability. Additionally, end-user transactional monitoring provides key data to assess the impact of a transactional issue (all users, all transactions, specific locations, etc.) and early evidence of where the problem might lie (CDN, outside network, back-end).


To enable Application Support to more effectively use end-user monitoring data in incident management use cases, we’ve enhanced the Service Operations Console in version 5.6.3. A new end-user tab uses a tile-based perspective to display real and synthetic transaction data side by side with application topologies. The views are designed to allow Application Support to quickly and easily assess the state of end-user transactions (real and synthetic) and to get triage or impact information without requiring a drill into detailed end-user dashboards.



I want to add that we are doing some additional work (releasing in April) to further extend the Service Operations Console for Application Support use cases. Stay tuned and feel free to contact me directly if you would like to talk more about this capability or any other Application Support use cases.