Foglight for Virtualization at Tech Field Day 9

TFD is an event where different vendors are invited to meet with a group of bloggers to give them a technical presentation and demo products, no buzzwords allowed!

This was a great opportunity for us to meet with a group of individuals from all over the world with different backgrounds to present our solution and get their feedback.

Quest had the full first day and was split between TechCenter, Data Protection, vMonitoring (Foglight for Virtualization) and Converged Infrastructure.

The vMonitoring group represented by Thomas Bryant and myself had a 1.5-hour presentation slot and we presented on End-to-End Monitoring with Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise.


Virtualization is one of the most important components of the modern datacenter and if something isn´t working as expected everyone will be affected.

End users will be upset as they can´t do their work, the application owner and executives will get overwhelmed by unhappy users and they see money being lost for the company every minute and also not happy as they pay the IT manager a lot of money for their service.

And now it isn´t working... IT manager get yelled at why his team isn´t on top of the situation and then IT admins have to start investigating and trying to figure out where the problem rely.


It´s very common that VM admins get the blame first as most things runs in the virtual environment, must be their problem!

But the VM admin can´t see anything inside their tool so it´s probably a storage related issue, and they think it´s a DB admin issue and this continues.

Fun, fun, fun and most people have experienced this many times.


So why is end-to-end monitoring important?


The answer to that question is pretty simple, to get rid of the blame game and solve the problem faster (hopefully before it become a problem) as Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise can collect data from all sources, correlate and find the root cause of the problem.



Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise can collect data from Storage arrays, virtual and physical servers and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server to name a few.


Introduction to End-to-End Monitoring with Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise