Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition - Training Sessions (U.S. Only)

Streamlining a virtual environment can seem like a monumental task. Unfortunately, in reality, it actually is. It’s a big job with multitudes of factors and variables, and as if that wasn’t enough the virtual environment is always changing. Incorrect configuration or mis-management of the environment will undoubtedly lead to hours of unnecessary time and money spent. Tools such as Foglight for Virtualization go a long way in enabling you to see the full picture of the performance of your environment and saving you countless hours on the job by dramatically easing ongoing monitoring and management. The solutions work best when you know how to use them up to their full potential, taking advantage of various features, templates and automation capabilities.


Mark your calendar – October 24-25 – for the Foglight for Virtualization Training Program. Register here.

December 12 – 13 – for the Foglight for Virtualization Training Program. Register here.



If you are currently using Foglight for Virutalization Enterprise Edition, or plan to soon, consider attending one of our upcoming training sessions to help you optimize the performance of the software and your environment. Held monthly, the two-day WebEx course (approximately six hours of instruction each day) covers everything from initial set-up and configuration to more complex automation capabilities. The expert instructor will guide you through the topics with demonstrations and hands-on labs so participants leave with not only actionable insight but actual experience. Even if Foglight has been up and running for a while, the course will help ensure that you are maximizing its potential and will help you erase any mistakes that have compounded through trial and error. In short, the course covers information required to:


  • Understand new features in FVE
  • Configure the Guest Process Investigation cartridge
  • Configure the Infrastructure Agent cartridge
  • Navigate the user interface (UI), including the VMware Environment dashboards
  • Navigate and query FVE models for data
  • Work with rules, alarms, services, dashboards, reports, automation and
  • Configure specific monitoring cartridges



Need justification for the “powers that be”? Becoming more knowledgeable about Foglight for Virtualization will not only help you optimize your environment but do so with the minimal time investment. That’s a better bottom line for the organization. Foglight for Virtualization is designed to give you answers, not just data, so you can simplify your workload and proactively address issues. With proper training, watch the days of constantly fighting surface fires and wasting time on routine monitoring tasks shrinking in your rear view mirror.



More in-depth information about the lesson plan and format of the training session can be found here.


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