Foglight for Virtualization, Standard Edition 7.0 Beta is Now Open!

We are excited to announce that the BETA sign-up is OPEN for the upcoming release of Foglight™ for Virtualization Standard Edition 7.0 (FVS, formerly known as VKernel vOPS). To participate, request access to the FVS Beta Community.


The benefits of joining the beta program include:

  • Preview the upcoming release and learn about the product
  • Get basic product training on using the new version
  • Access to R&D, support and PM team via private community
  • Learn from other users like yourself
  • Influence the product direction and roadmap


Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition 7.0 delivers:

  • Improved out of the box experience by updating the Capacity Manager layout
  • New visibility into the minimum number of hosts needed over time to safely run all workloads, accounting for HA cluster settings and planned new workload deployments – against existing servers or potential new servers
  • New analysis and stack ranking of potential new servers against the environment to help you better plan and select optimum server configurations for your environment and budget
  • New visibility into potential cost savings by powering down unneeded hosts over time
  • New automatic resizing of disks to optimize allocated storage


We look forward to your participation and to working with you!