Foglight performance monitoring for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp environment (Part 3 of 4)

When you have a limited number of Citrix licenses (actually, I don’t know anybody who has an UNlimited number of Citrix licenses — except maybe Citrix — but you get what I mean), the most important question you need to answer is “How many of my users can’t log in right now for lack of an available license?”

Citrix tools may tell you, for example, that you’re currently using 800 of 1,000 licenses, but they don’t tell you a lot of the things that administrators want to know about Citrix and its environment. Will you soon need more licenses to meet growing demand? What is the reason for logon failure? Do you need to pay attention to the Citrix environment supporting XenDesktop, XenApp and all of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?

Fly in the dark no more.

New version of Foglight for Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp

Version 8.2 of Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, which we’ve just released, now monitors the Citrix environment and services. Using Citrix APIs, Foglight summarizes and shows you the configuration, status of services, configured groups, desktops and published applications.

In my last post, I described Citrix user experience monitoring in Foglight. At the next level down are the Citrix services you want to monitor; if those services are not running properly, then users cannot log in to their desktops or use apps. The screenshot below displays the XenDesktop Infrastructure Quick View:

The tabs in the middle of the Quick View (see below) show:

  • All sessions and connected users
  • Logon durations (activity and utilization)
  • Login failures and reasons, such as failed machines, capacity problems and login errors
  • Machine failures

In addition, Citrix monitoring in Foglight includes details on how delivery groups are configured and used (see below). When you combine that with data on failure trends, you can ensure that enough desktop capacity is available to support all users.

When desktop group availability runs low, new users logging in will not be able to get the desktops needed, which is when you need to add capacity and/or licenses.

Foglight shows your users entering and leaving the Citrix environment and helps keep you (and your users) out of the situation in which some have to wait until others log out to free up licenses.

Next steps

In my final post of this series on Foglight I’ll write about monitoring the virtual infrastructure (hardware and software) underneath your Citrix environment, another task that Citrix tools are not designed to perform.

Meanwhile, download a free trial version of Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition, version 8.2 and gauge the fit with your own Citrix environment.