For All DBAs About to Rock, We Salute You

In my last post, I gave you a few reasons why DWUF is going to rock, but there’s even more! You seriously do not want to miss this event. Held Oct. 20–22 in Austin, TX, you can expect a three-day extravaganza — with daily sessions on performance monitoring, as well as database monitoring and analysis. Plus, Foglight demonstrations will be held in the solutions exhibition! Not only will you be rockin’ with all the DBA party people from around the country, but you’ll have countless opportunities to gain IT knowledge and explore the latest tools to help you simplify your work.

Boogie on Down to Optimization

This is your chance to get expert tips and strategies to optimize your virtual environment — from the world’s largest provider of virtualization solutions. In addition to the virtualization sessions that I talked about in my last post, we’re planning DBA-related sessions that dive into Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle monitoring, analysis and optimization.

  • In Performance Monitoring for Oracle, you’ll get an overview of all the flavors of Oracle and monitoring basics, from lock analysis and datafile utilization to log monitoring along with our just released Oracle Performance Investigator feature. You’ll learn all about performance issues common to Oracle and how to enhance performance and availability of mission-critical applications.
  • In Performance Monitoring for Virtualized Microsoft SQL Server, you’ll get tips on performance of mission-critical workloads that run on Microsoft SQL Server; plus, how to get a complete picture of your virtualized database.

Take a look at the full agenda of sessions on the DWUF agenda.

The Booth of a Thousand Dances

If you really want to see something amazing, drop by the our booth to check out my dance moves. I’ll be bustin’ a move periodically (if I don’t bust a knee cap first) every day — moon walk, pogo, maybe even the electric slide. Join me? Or if you’d rather, I can give you a live Foglight demo of all the great database performance features.

Still asking yourself should you stay or should you go? Go! Register today!

You do not want to miss this event!