For St. Patrick's Day, Create Your Own Good Luck

Nothing can keep you from putting on a green T-shirt and drinking beer this St. Patrick’s Day or celebrating in whatever way you choose — if you have the right disaster recovery plan.


The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a once-a-year chance to reconnect with your roots. Of course, you don’t need to be Irish to join in and march along.

But what if a data center outage causes you to miss this, or any other, once-a-year or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? What if, Irish or not, luck doesn’t always come your way? That’s where a disaster recovery plan comes in. It’s about creating your own luck.

IT hero or zero

One in three companies has declared a disaster during the last five years. Even if you have the luck of the Irish and have never experienced a major outage, you shouldn’t leave it all to chance. Now is the time to nail down recovery objectives that will really work for your organization.

Running backup jobs is the easy part. Knowing exactly what you’ll do in the event of an outage, or not, makes you an IT hero or zero.

To fine-tune your recovery objectives, you’ll need to answer a few questions: how do you know what to back up, and how often? What do you save, for how long and where?

As you take stock of your answers, you’ll realize that you need to shift your focus from backup to recovery. Here are four major areas where you should define your recovery goals: 

  • recovery time objective (RTO)
  • recovery point objective (RPO)
  • day-to-day restoration
  • disaster recovery itself

 Making the parade

With the right recovery strategy in place, you’ll get the apps that run your business back up fast — in minutes instead of hours.

That way, neither hardware failure, nor human error nor squirrels (see our last blog) will come between you and the Big Party.

Think of a disaster recovery plan as your own lucky leprechaun.

Our Live Recovery tech brief will help you define your recovery goals and show you how to recover from a server failure — in minutes — in a few simple steps.