Forrester Research - Market Overview on Application Performance Management

Forrester just released its Market Overview: Application Performance Management, Q4, 2011 report. I’m proud to say that both Forrester and Gartner recognize Quest as a leader in APM.


This is great research with a new updated definition of Application Performance Management, recognizing the convergence of the old APM definition historically restricted to Java EE and .NET, and the much larger need to monitor data from all areas of the hardware and software infrastructure.


This report provides valuable insight into:

  • Forrester’s updated definition of application performance management
  • Exploration of Forrester’s new APM reference model
  • Defining these key APM technologies and capabilities
  • An overview of APM vendors and how they fit into this new definition



Forrester sees APM as evolving from system monitoring and management to service management, based on several factors including business success reliance on application performance, the necessity of short-term returns and the complexity of the business service. These factors have caused applications to become unmanageable without the use of application aware, performance monitoring tools.


The APM Reference Model clearly details the requirements to effectively monitor those systems and additionally provide the level of management to best support complex application performance issues in an integrated manner. The Model focuses on the importance of having a complete problem and incident management process and not simply a set of disconnected tools.


This new application performance solution requires:

  • A common performance management database capable of managing a monitored production environment in real time
  • Dashboards, rules and scripts that rely on the application model rather than the physical host model—so they don’t break each time the infrastructure changes
  • Workflows and dashboards that use the common model of the application architecture and present stakeholder-specific workflows and dashboards to encourage collaboration
  • Scalability to manage applications that cross thousands of components across geographical or organizational boundaries
  • Extensible architecture that supports the addition of custom agents or third-party monitoring tools
  • Modular design allowing you to start with the basics and snap-in additional capabilities as your monitoring needs grow


As application platform technologies continue to emerge and evolve, and applicaiton developement processes become more agile, applications become more complex and so does the process of managing their performance. APM solutions must follow the mantra of simplifying APM, just like Foglight does. Built from the ground up to simplify APM, Foglight provides all the capabilities in the APM Reference Model and helps speed APM success in your company.