Full Throttle Migrations from #LotusNotes to #Office365

As organizations begin migrating to Office 365, they often realize the throttles within the platform will impact how quickly they can migrate. While there are several different throttles within Office 365, the per-user throttles are those most relevant for most migrations.

When any user establishes multiple connections, including a migration admin account attempting to migrate multiple mailboxes, Office 365 begins to throttle those connections. This can have a detrimental impact on migration performance.

Quest customers have been working around this limitation by creating multiple administrative accounts for the migration and spreading them across additional migration machines. While this approach is effective at improving migration throughput, it also means additional management for the migration team.

Well, I am pleased to announce that Notes Migrator for Exchange version 4.6 will be generally available tomorrow and includes technology to automate the creation, management, and distribution of multiple migration admin accounts. The version will automatically handles the entire process and the number of accounts in the pool can be updated at any point. Notes Migrator for Exchange sets all of the required permissions and intelligently distributes the admin accounts to the threads involved in the migration - even across multiple migration machines! How cool is that?!?!

Notes Migrator for Exchange 4.6 provides the best of both worlds - optimal migration throughput to Office 365 without the additional effort of managing a pool of admin accounts.

Happy migrating!