Gartner Technology Predictions for 2014 and the impact to Virtualization Administrators

Gartner has spoken. Each October, at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, the large IT analyst firm pulls out its crystal ball and make predictions on what will happen in the following year, based on lengthy conversations with customers and vendors. Gartner’s predictions often serve as the Bible for many companies setting spending priorities for the new year. Like clockwork, last month Gartner published its thoughts for 2014. As we expected, great news for virtualization administrators – Your job still matters! I’ve outlined three Gartner trends that we think you should pay attention to:


Hybrid Cloud and IT as a Service Broker

According to published reports of the Gartner predictions, the analyst firm believes that the convergence of internal clouds and external private cloud services is essential. Enterprises that will jump on this bandwagon must design a private cloud with a hybrid future in mind – otherwise, future integration/interoperability will be nearly impossible.


Why this matters: Cloud has been a buzz word forever, and from the looks of it, Gartner says that will it remain a hot topic 2014. Gartner predicts companies will be investing in developing hybrid clouds and recommends they look for ways to manage cloud resources to properly measure infrastructure performance and cost. Since cloud environment rely on virtual infrastructure, virtualization administrators play an important role in the success of adopting cloud technologies.


Web-Scale IT

Gartner says that Amazon, Google and are innovating how IT services can be delivered. IT organizations are told that they should align with the methodology of these vendors to copycat processes, architectures and practices.


Why this matters: In keeping with the cloud theme, Gartner predicts that more and more companies will look to public cloud infrastructures for ways to properly manage the growth of their own IT Infrastructure—and how IT resources are consumed by IT’s “users,” which is to say employees. The key to any public cloud is elasticity—the ability to increase capacity as business needs warrant. Virtualization administrators will be part of the discussion as companies try to copy the “web-scale” features of public clouds within their own entities. By virtue of working in virtual environment, virtualization administrators understand the elasticity provided by cloud environments and how to manage compute consumption.


3-D Printing

Gartner predicts that the growth of 3-D printers is projected at 75 percent this coming year and will increase to 200 percent in 2015. Improved designs, streamlined prototyping and short-run manufacturing are just some of the reasons attributed to the consumer hype.


Now this prediction does not tie directly to virtualization – but I wanted you to start thinking about all the cool graphics you are going to create and print in 2014. It’s simply too cool not to mention.


From the looks of it, it’s clear that the trend toward virtual environments and accompanying technologies will continue to gain speed. Virtualization plays a key role in helping IT be more agile, while enabling a flexible infrastructure that can be scaled based on need. So be confident, fellow virtualization pros. You are in a hot space.


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