#GartnerBI Summit- 8th Year of Attendance! Lucky Number 8.

As the week of BI Summit in Las Vegas approaches, I find myself doing analytics for this show.

My first trip was in 2006:

  • What were people talking about in 2006?
    • Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) together as innovations.
  • Where was I (personally)?
    • I was working for Business Objects (NOT a division of SAP, yet) and we were driving a message that illustrated the value of enterprise performance management and enterprise business intelligence.

Fast forward to 2014 – last year’s Summit:

  • What were they talking about in 2014?
    • Diversity of data, Hadoop and the creation of the data lake/reservoir, and social media data driving behavioral changes
  • Where am I now?
    • I work for Quest as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), and enjoy having a complete information management and analytics software portfolio to help our customers attack and solve big data issues as well as all data issues.  Poised on the cusp of the data economy, Dell’s software solutions provide value focused solutions on data to more effect.

Readying myself for this next trip, I find myself reflecting and marveling at what I am looking forward to during the conference.  I would like to share my musing for just a moment…

Big Data for Big Effect 

For this year’s show, I want to see what the esteemed analysts are encountering with customers.  We have been talking about big data for more than 5 years, and the sense that I have from interactions with my customers is that big data has finally matured – from hype to reality.  It has shaped up to be different from how we originally thought it would be.  Everyone has big data issues, not necessarily all 4 V’s (Velocity, Volume, Variety, and Veracity)  at the same time but clearly they have many V’s in different areas of the organization.  I am finding that my customers struggle with Variety and Veracity more than Velocity and Volume.  With in-memory and new styles of data stores (graph, columnar) volume and velocity seem to be more manageable.  The other two V’s tend to be more challenging and elusive to solve – but we do have a few different strategies and suggestion that seem to resonate with customers. I am curious to see what the analyst community is seeing and saying.

Visualization BI Sweetheart no more

As amazing as it may seem, but appears that the viz biz now has wall flower status.  This year at the show, I hope to learn how customers are making the different BI and analytics technology mesh together.  Clearly, visualization vendors are co-existing with all the different BI and analytics platforms.  In fact, Analyst Rita Sallam has a session that talks about interactive visualizations for everyone (Session #A3 on Tuesday).  I am curious to see how organizations are achieving enterprise BI or analytics insight while managing multiple platforms and diverse eco-system of tools.  This will be an indicator of many things with the customer base, adoption, complexity, and willingness to change cultural practices. 

Citizen analyst and chief data officers

New titles, new roles?  I am hearing clients invest in new human assets – new titles and new jobs but what are their responsibilities?  Everyone seems desperate have to have analysts, data scientists, mathematicians.  Apparently – math is the new sexy and data scientist now have a head Honcho – the Chief Data Officer (CDO).  So what are all these new roles that are emerging in the market place?  I plan on attending all the sessions that I can to see if the market has started the process of defining and understanding the responsibility of these personas.

If you are attending the show with us…please join us at the any of the following locations/events:

Quest Booth #425

Customer SessionQuest: Actionable Analytics in Biotechnology - Keys to Success

SPS3 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM on Monday, March 30

Hospitality SuiteQuest: Jedi Masters and Padawans– Join Quest IMG Analytic Masters

HS3 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Tuesday, March 31

Post show, I plan on being back and sharing what I learned at this pre-eminent BI and analytics show.  Stay tuned for insight and understanding.

Hope to see you there!