Get Migration Manager for SharePoint 3.2 Beta

Migration Manager for SharePoint 3.2 Beta is available for preview! Read on for a rundown of the new features, download links and installation instructions.

What’s new in beta

The new release of Migration Manager will add a number of important improvements for SharePoint 2007 to 2010 migrations as well as general usability/supportability features. The new features enabled in beta are listed below:
  • New SharePoint 2007-2010 migration capabilities
  • SharePoint Designer workflows - Migration Manager will copy list and library workflows and attach them to target lists automatically. This enables migration of SharePoint applications that often built around no-code workflows created with SharePoint Designer.
  • Email alerts - Users will maintain their e-mail subscriptions to content in the migrated sites, lists and libraries.
  • Content filtering – You can filter out old and large documents, skip files of forbidden types or trim excessive versions:

  • Taxonomy Mapping - With this feature, you can consolidate unmanaged taxonomies in SharePoint 2007 (choice and text fields) to Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2010. All you need to do is to configure the Managed Metadata service (terms and term sets) and add a Managed Metadata site column to the target site. Migration Manager will map matching choice and text site columns (by name) to it automatically.
  • Improved migration job management
  • Multi-job commands – You can now select multiple migration jobs to start, stop and delete them in a single click. This feature greatly simplifies job management.

How do I get the beta?

If you would like to participate in the beta program, go to Sign in with your Quest Community ID, or register to create a new one. Then press the Ask To Join This Group button.You will receive a notification shortly and then get full access to technical content and the beta build itself.


How do I install the beta?

Do a clean install of Migration Manager Beta using the supplied trial key. See online help for installation instructions.
Note: The beta comes with an updated Extension Service for SharePoint 2010. In case you have a previous version of Migration Manager, uninstall the service from your SharePoint 2010 servers and apply the new version from the beta package (see here for service install/uninstall instructions)

How do I get help?

Please leave your beta feedback, questions and suggestions in the discussion area of the beta group. Feel free to contact the product manager directly