Getting what you need, not what your vendor wants you to need

Getting what you need, not what your vendor wants you to need is pretty important when it comes to just about anything. And when it comes to data protection, we see the same thing – everyone has different needs. Just look at a few of our customers. They all have very different needs, but one thing they all have in common: they have application-specific needs. They all need to be sure their applications get the most appropriate level of protection possible whether the data involved is mission critical data, business-critical, or just important to their business.

For example, look at the case with Resort Collection, a resort management company. They needed to back up their mission-critical data more frequently and recover quickly. They wanted an affordable solution and they wanted to back up even more than their most critical servers. AppAssure met their needs and they’re very happy with the results they’ve seen, saving over $80,000 in monthly fees over three years, reducing storage by 75%, and reduced backups to 35-45 minutes vs. 48 hours.

On the other hand, our customer RUAG Services, an international aerospace and defense company, had very diverse needs related to merging the IT departments from 21 different sites into one location. They needed to write to a virtual tape library, centralize management, support various platforms, plus perform incremental backups to disk. NetVault Backup met their needs best and they saw results of a 93 percent time savings translate into maintenance cost savings.

And with yet another set of needs, Cornerstone Community Bank needed a backup and recovery solution for replication that would be efficient and reliable for its virtual environment of 27 virtual machines. For this, vRanger best met their needs and the results…they were spared 20 to 25 hours of stressful, around-the-clock work.

Now, imagine if the needs of one of these companies shifts due to changes—maybe caused by an acquisition or a new business. And maybe due to this, protecting their Windows environments becomes mission critical where it hadn’t been before. Wouldn’t it be convenient if they could just use the backup software that best meets the needs of their application, without worrying about the needs of the licensing requirements? Or to get back to where we started on this topic: getting what you need, not what your vendor wants you to need.

George Crump of Storage Switzerland has captured this idea in a recent article about the Quest Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite.