Gilbane Boston Conference 2011 Recap - #SharePoint Adoption #qsharepoint

Many thanks to all the folks at Gilbane who hosted me this week as part of a panel on SharePoint Adoption at the Gilbane Boston Conference 2011. It was an honor to share the stage with Marc Anderson (@sympmarc) and Dan Antion (@dantion).

A couple of points from our session I wanted to reiterate:

  • Adoption and governance are closely linked. Users surging onto SharePoint need governance, clearly – but waiting for those users is too late to start governance. Governance provides guidance that’s essential to adoption.
  • In fact, adoption may be the wrong focal point. Locking users to a SharePoint home page may count as “adoption” but we should really focus on achieving business goals and users satisfaction
  • It’s important to understand the culture around SharePoint to drive adoption. Some great tools to measure SharePoint maturity have been published by Sadie Van Buren (@sadalit) at


Some numbers from our session attendees:

  • 32% reporting being happy with the general adoption of SharePoint for document management and collaboration (“traditional”)
  • Only 11% reported being happy with the adoption of SharePoint’s “second wave” features (social, business intelligence, workflow, etc.)
  • Finally, 26% have rebranded their SharePoint projects as something other than “SharePoint”, “intranet”, or http://servername


Gilbane is a great way to get current on thought leadership for content management and web publishing. Thanks again to our attendees, organizers, and sponsors!