Give Customer Service a Hand, Monitor User Experience

There is nothing worse than trying to make a purchase or get an answer to a tech support question online, only to fail in your pursuit and end up on the phone with a customer service agent. Companies want you to find your products and answers online quickly and efficiently – it keeps their costs down and keeps your satisfaction high. But when you can’t find the answer or your checkout process doesn’t work, most customers end up on the phone with a customer service agent (if you survive the automated voice prompt system, of course) only to have to explain your problem from scratch to give the customer service agent context. I’ve had this happen before and it’s frustrating!


I was recently talking to a large consumer electronics manufacturer and Quest customer who uses Foglight End User Experience Monitoring solutions in a very creative way. Like many of our customers, they monitor real user sessions to identify performance issues that could impact the customer experience. They also record those sessions so IT can play them back to identify what happened when the user experienced the performance problem. However, this innovative consumer electronics manufacturer and e-tailer takes it one step further. The IT department shares the recorded sessions with their customer service agents. I think this is pretty cool and very powerful.


When IT shares visibility into the user session with customer service agents, users no longer have to experience the arduous process of describing their issue in-depth. The customer service agent can clearly see what went wrong and provide useful insight to their customer. For example, maybe the customer looking for tech support was in the wrong part of the website or possibly the customer experienced an error at checkout because they entered an invalid coupon code. Having visibility into the customers session empowers your company’s customer service agents to anticipate the customer’s concerns, reduce support call times, and provide an experience that surpasses the customers’ expectations.


I’m interested to hear the innovative ways you’re using Foglight User Experience Monitoring solutions to deliver a great customer experience.