Going Beyond VMware Data Protection: Quest Ranks #1 for Oracle Backup

If you’re at all familiar with Quest, you know we live and breathe VMware data protection. Quest vRanger was the market’s first backup and recovery tool truly purpose-built for VMware environments, and today it stands alone as the industry’s #1 solution for virtual data protection, with a customer base of more than 38,000 and growing. Our commitment to being the leader in VMware backup and recovery will never waver. That’s why we launched vRanger 5.2 this summer, and that’s why we’re already hard at work on version 6.0, in which we’ll deliver an unrivaled feature set that will usher in a whole new era of virtual data protection.


But at Quest, we also understand that truly being a leader in backup and recovery means extending beyond VMware to deliver enterprise-grade data protection across multiple server and application platforms, including Window, Linux, UNIX, Mac, Exchange, Oracle and SQL Server. As many of you know, earlier this year, we decided to take our data protection portfolio to the next level with the acquisition of the NetVault line of backup and recovery products. One of the things that we found most appealing about the NetVault product line was that it delivers customers breadth and depth.


Breadth and depth. That’s become something of a mantra around here. In our minds, it’s not enough to deliver a comprehensive set of tools unless the tools themselves deliver a deep set of capabilities that meet DBAs’ platform-specific backup and recovery needs.


That’s why we were thrilled to learn that Quest NetVault Backup had ranked #1 in DCIG’s 2011 Oracle Backup Software Solution Buyer’s Guide, a comprehensive, independent assessment of twelve leading Oracle backup software solutions on the market today. NetVault Backup was the only product to achieve the highly coveted “Best in Class” ranking, earning high praise for delivering strong breadth of Oracle backup support and advanced Oracle integration with RMAN, Data Guard, and RAC.


Or in other words, the best combination of breadth and depth.


We encourage you to download a full copy of the report and see for yourself how NetVault Backup stacks up against the competition.


Download DCIG’s 2011 Oracle Backup Software Solution’s Buyers Guide here: https://www.quest.com/documents/


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