Google gets an Early Christmas Present

As an early Christmas present for Google, UC Berkley recently announced that they have selected Google Apps to provide their Email and Calendaring solution replacing their current campus email solution. They went through a pretty thorough comparison and posted a matrix of business requirements and how they made their choice. While the matrix is extensive I could not get past the first requirement. In the “Speed of Migration and Deployment” category they gave the advantage to Google because of their speed in starting the migration and for their self-service migration of user data.


Wouldn’t it be great if how you were going to migrate to a platform was not a deciding factor in your choice? If the migration to any platform was fast, seamless, and provided and option for self-service I don’t think it would have made it on the Matrix. Maybe if they had known that Quest provides a fast migration to Office 365 that includes a self-service option they could have one less worry about their platform choice.


OnDemand Migration for Email which provides a fast, easy migration to Office 365 recently added the ability to use multiple admin accounts for migrating a large number of users in parallel. This greatly increases the speed of migration to Office 365 in that we can migrate more users simultaneously. We also have a self-service edition allowing users to migrate themselves to Office 365 on their schedule. All of this can be found in our Azure hosted OnDemand platform. This means no software downloads or deployment to get started. Just open a browser and go.


I think that UC Berkley should be commended for doing a thorough job in their evaluation. If you are doing a similar evaluation and migration is a concern know that Quest is here to make that transition fast, easy, and seamless. Try it out.