Handy custom plugin: Search your packages for files in specific folders...

If you need to search for specific files, or files with a specific extension in the packages you have loaded into ChangeBASE then this custom plugin will make you very happy.

Note: You need ChangeBASE Professional or ChangeBASE Ultimate to be able to use this plugin.


  1. Save the attached CBP file somewhere (anywhere) on your system.
  2. Drag the CBP file onto ChangeBASE and click Import.
  3. A new report group called "Clonemasters" will be created, and you'll see a new plugin called "Folders and Files Search" in this report group.
  4. Right-click on the plugin and click "Update Report".
  5. Change to the Rules tab.
  6. By default you'll see that the plugin looks for DLLs in C:\Windows\*. Change this (or add a new row) as needed.
  7. Run the report against your packages to search for you files.
  8. Give yourself a pat on the back for saving your company so much time in automating this previously time-consuming task.