Handy Packaging Standards Check

Most application packaging Standards specify properties and values that need to be set for applications that will be packaged. The attached plugin will allow you to specify properties and values according to your required packaging Standards and will then offer automated remediation to add additional properties and set the correct values.

To install:

1. Download the attached CBP File

2. Drag and drop the dowloaded file onto ChangeBASE

3. Click on Import to import the new File

4. Under the Reports section and new group will appear called Packaging Standards

5. Right Click on this plugin and select the "Update Report" option

6. In the Custom PlugIn Wizard click on the Rules tab and configure the settings as per your standards.

7. When complete click on OK

8. Your new plugin can now be run against your loaded applications.

Note: The ability to Edit & Create PlugIns is only available in Pro and Ultimate versions.