Happy New Year! - Happy New Version of Stat 5.6.1!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow – Did 2011 go by quickly? What a year! Lots of good things happened in the world, some not so good.

Looking forward to the New Year of 2012: If you’ve not heard, there’s a new release of Stat that’s come out: Stat 5.6.1 was released on December, 8th.
I’ve posted below the “What’s New” as well as the “Enhancements” that are included in the release.

But first, as is appropriate for the New Year, are my Stat Resolutions! These resolutions are not so difficult as losing weight or quitting smoking or the like.

My New Year Stat Resolutions:

1. I will ensure all the proper Stat Central Agent Jobs are running as they should.

2. I will ensure that I have the most optimal number of Stat Staging Databases.

3. I will setup, and keep up, Stat Description and Resolution Templates as needed.

4. I will archive off old CSR data that will not be needed for my next audit. (I can always access that data later if needed.)

5. I will research, learn and understand the value of Stat Pre & Post Migration Steps that are available.

6. I will research, learn and understand the value of the Stat Impact Analysis tool for my Developers as well as my Testers.

So, there they are – My New Year Stat Resolutions. My they live long and support the growth and productivity of our PeopleSoft Environments. Here now are the What’s New and the 5.6.1 Enhancements:

What’s New in the Stat 5.6.1 Release

Stat 5.6.1 features the following enhancements:

  • Support for PeopleTools 8.52
  • Improved User Class Rights maintenance table
  • Improved handling of unavailable environments when adding and locking objects on a CSR
  • Approval capability and details logs added to Stat Web Services

5.6.1 Enhancements

The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this release of Stat.




The project drop down in Report Criteria now displays both open and closed projects

A new parameter has been added to the system table. ‘Retention Days for MERC_WAKE table’ allows the user to indicate a period (in days) after which Stat will purge inactive data from the Stat Central Agent Status and Stat Oracle Agent Status displays on the Tools menu. This is to allow the administrator to distinguish between an environment that is temporarily down and one that has been removed completely.

Executable files that are uploaded as attachments cannot be opened from the Stat window. The user can opt to export them to examine them. See also CR0236180.

Status Transfer, Migration and Patch approvals have been added to Web services.

When a user adds objects to a CSR and there are multiple inactive databases on the migration path, the user will only see one warning message instead of one for each environment. This CR is related to CR0236088.

The window to modify user class rights has been changed to a tree view where the selected classes are dragged to the right side of the screen. The user can see at a glance which rights are included and not included in the user class.

This modification also resolves issues with multiple updates to the underlying tables.

See also CR0236234 for an enhanced report of user class rights.

If there are environments on a migration path that are unavailable at the time the user adds objects to the CSR, those objects will not be locked on the CSR. No icon (lock or reservation) will be displayed next to the object for those environments on the Objects tab of the CSR. In addition, the agent will not attempt to process them to check for the version of the object.

The CSR ID has been added to the Release Mgmt report.

An ‘Export’ and an ‘Export All’ button have been added to the Stat CSR Attachment tab page. See also CR0235278.

The link to the Stat Community site has been added to the Stat Help Screen. The URL itself is not displayed on the Help screen.

The target Environment description is now displayed on the Migration Targets Page; it was previously just the Environment code.

A new cross tab User Class Rights report entitled User Class Rights Assignment is available under the Maintenance-Security Settings category.

A scroll bar has been added to the Report Wizard to enable it to handle additional custom parameters.

On the task tab of the CSR, the first task is automatically selected. In previous versions, the user had to re-select the task to enable the edit or delete buttons. Now the buttons are automatically enabled.

The CSR ID parameter on the Report Wizard will only accept ‘Any’ or a specific CSR number. Only the number can be input. The Service Domain is selected from the Service Domain field.

An icon has been added to the tool bar to make it easier to modify user preference for Open CSR Window. The icon toggles between the Edit and Change Management views of the CSR. Users who do not have rights to the Change Management view will only see the Edit icon.

On Workflow maintenance the Workflow Name column has been moved to display second after Active column.

Inbound approvals via email will also handle an alternative Inbound Approval Mail subject line that contains no spaces. This line comes in from some Lotus Notes sites.

Stat's third party VCM logic now supports promotion groups in SVN.

A global error has been created to eliminate 404 page errors on the web client that might expose JBoss version information. In addition, the CommonHeadersFilter is no longer available for use.

CSR Detail Logs have been added to Stat Web Services.

The legacy Project report called from the Project window has been replaced with a new standard agent based report.

The Stat web client has been tested against Internet Explorer 9.

When the Report Wizard cannot communicate with the Stat Central Agent, a more generic information message is returned.


A change has been made to Stat Physical Object Locking such that Public Queries are locked in Application Designer, but Private Queries are not locked.

Stat staging databases no longer appear in the target environment drop down list on the Mass Migration wizard.

Support for PeopleTools 8.52. See Patch Application instructions for a list of new and modified objects.

Also see CR0236445 in the Third Party Known Issues section for an issue with copying hash tables in Application Designer 8.52.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Migration order can be set and is enforced on multi-node environments where there is more than one Oracle agent.

The Product Drop Down List Box on Oracle E-Business Patch window is now sorted alphabetically.

Server Environment Variable column on the OraApps Base Directories tab of the Stat Object Type Maintenance window can now be edited. It usually is exactly the same as the code value, but there could be exceptions.

Best of luck for the New Year!


Respectfully Submitted,

William R. Hart

Solutions Architect

Quest Software, Inc.