Hard Coded File References - Important Update

Hello fellow ChangeBASEers. I've not blogged for a little while, then two come along in a day. I know, I'm spoiling you, but enjoy it while it lasts (along with some freakishly hot weather if you're in the UK).


In this post (January 2013) I talked about the fact that ChangeBASE 5.2 supported importing text-based config files. I made a promise:"We do plan to update our plugins to use this data in the future". And I'm pleased to say that this has been delivered as part of the June Maintenance Release (MR).


Please make sure you’re running the latest version of ChangeBASE (or at least 5.2) to get full support for these new/updated plugins. Also if you imported your apps in a version of ChangeBASE prior to 5.2 you'll need to re-import them (right-click, Re-Import).


This is one of the most significant changes we’ve made in a while, and it does require some changes to your ChangeBASE setup:


  • You should manually delete the “Hard Coded File References Scan v 3.42” plugin from the following report groups:
  • Virtualisation - App-V group
  • Virtualisation - Citrix XenApp – streamed group
  • Virtualisation - Symantec Workspace Virtualization group
  • Virtualisation - VMware ThinApp group
  • You should check for plugin updates in all the OS report groups (Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2008, 2012). There are two changes:
  • Updated plugin: Hard Coded File References Scan - MSI Tables v4.04 (this is an updated version of the “Hard Coded File References Scan v 3.42” plugin which has been renamed for clarity)
  • New plugin: “Hard Coded File References Scan - Files v1.04” – This will search text-based config files (batch files, vbscript, XML etc) for hard-coded references. Note that no auto-fixing is available in this plugin as that would mean updating files in the MSI/MST which ChangeBASE can’t currently do.
  • If you use the “Best Practice Manager” report group then download the new plugin “Drive Letter and UNC Analysis v1.06”


The two main benefits of these updates are:

  • More accurate detection of hard-coded file references (including the ability to detect them in text-based files - a first for ChangeBASE)
  • Increase in speed when using the OS and virtualisation report groups


I just ran a speed test on a small 20 package database. I assessed for Win 7 x64 with App-V compatibility:

  • Before: 171 seconds
  • After: 41 seconds

This is over four times faster!


<sI've attached a doc which covers all the changes in the June MR.