Have you tried Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition? Virtualization Review Named it Best Free Tool

As we wind down from a great week at VMworld 2013 -- and all get some much needed sleep -- we are happy to announce that once again, Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition won the Best of Breed Award for Best Free Tool by Virtualization Review. It’s a great honor to be recognized again for this category and it’s the perfect way to end another action packed VMworld where we met with many customers who were also singing praises for Foglight.



This award means a lot to us because of the effort we put in to making it the most comprehensive free tool available to users. As Virtualization Review put it:

“…the advantage it has is that Foglight offers lots for free right out of the box.”


Foglight for Virtualization’s six main feature sets allow unprecedented capabilities in assessing VM performance and health from a free tool. It’s also vendor agnostic so whether you’re using VMware, Hyper-V or Red Hat virtualization platforms, you have a tool that can help you address virtualization needs effectively.


There are a lot of moving parts to any virtualization infrastructure. Without comprehensive insight into how everything is functioning, it’s impossible to fully realize the potential ROI from the environment. It would be like trying to work on your car’s engine with the hood welded shut. With Foglight for Virtualization, you can peer into the inner workings to pre-emptively fix issues and maximize efficiency.


If you were not able to come see us at VMworld, you can check out the Best of Breed for Best Free Tool at https://www.quest.com/products/foglight-for-virtualization-enterprise-edition/. Download the tool for free today to get started down the road to virtualization bliss. You’ll also find some great resources to expand your knowledgebase and troubleshoot common virtualization issues.


If you are interested the full list of Best of Breed Award winners from VMworld, it can be found here. Congratulations to all the other winners, we’re already looking forward to next year.


Download Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition today.