How a Pumpkin Patch Led Me to a Wonderful Life

Recently, I was roped into going to a “pumpkin patch” with my wife and 10 month old son. I was not enthusiastic given the temperature on that Texas day, but on the hour drive to the rural location, this seasonal outing started me thinking about the impending holidays. Specifically, that every time I change the channel I’m likely to soon be landing on “It’s a Wonderful Life.” 

Image credit: Insomnia Cured Here | Licensed under: CC BY 2.0

I’ve never seen it.

Before you round up a posse, and have me lynched as un-American – I know what it’s about. It’s such a part of popular culture, that it’s impossible not to have a basic grasp of the plot.

Life without George

But as I was sweating and dreading the drive to rural Texas, what came to mind was Jimmy Stewart, and his character, George – and what his town would have been like without him.

Which got me wondering about what Information Technology would be like without Dell KACE systems management appliances, the product line I market at Dell. Yes, I am crazy to be thinking about work on a family weekend excursion, but I do love my job, and have a cadre of passionate customers to motivate me even after hours.

A Different World

Anyway, it occurred to me that without Dell KACE, there would be many, many organizations of all types who would be unsure of what devices are connecting to their networks. There would be a lot of unpatched software. And as IT professionals know, unpatched is unprotected. As a result, there could be significantly more cybercrime, and even the rise of a super villain, who controls a cybercrime syndicate, holding all of Information Technology hostage. 

We can’t get money from ATMs. We don’t have access to healthcare. Or world news. Or electricity. We can’t send an e-mail to our moms on their birthdays. Or get gas, or drive our cars, or make reservations. The world would indeed be different.

Back to Reality

And suddenly, I was glad to go to the pumpkin patch, because it meant I could do all of those things with the help of the thousands of KACE appliances securing millions of endpoints globally.

I’m not saying that Quest KACE is preventing the fall of civilization. But I am saying, as with George, the world is a better place as a result of our anypoint systems management solution!