How can I filter the list of managed computers using keywords?

In his previous post, Why would I need a remotely managed computer?, Clarence shared an overview of how to configure a server with a large data store or a large number of files as a remotely managed computer in Enterprise Reporter to spread the scan process across multiple servers.  Enterprise Reporter 2.0 scans and indexes security access information on files, folders, and shares on managed computers in managed domains. The data is stored in the Access Explorer database and can be used to see interactive, user-centric information at any given time. Using the Report Manager, you can run permission reports on this data.

Part of configuring Access Explorer involves creating Managed computers that are scanned by the Access Explorer agent for security data. The list of managed computers can be quite lengthy in a large organization.

How can I filter the list of managed computers using keywords?

One way to help you filter the list is to use keywords. Assign keywords to groups of managed computers and then you quickly can filter the list to show only those computers you are concerned about.

To add keywords to managed computers

  1. Open Quest Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager.
  2. Navigate to Access Explorer Management | Manage Computers.
  3. Select a managed computer, and click Edit.
  4. Click in the Keywords box and type one or more meaningful keywords you can use to filter and sort the list. For example, here we want to group the servers by function and region, so we assigned the keywords Sales Canada to this managed computer.

5.  Repeat for each managed computer you want to group.

Now that you have assigned keywords to your managed computers, you can use the keywords to filter the list.

To use keywords to filter the list of managed computers

  1. Scroll the display if necessary to view the Keyword column. The keywords you entered display. You can click in the Keyword column to sort the list in ascending or descending order, or you can filter the list based on the keywords.
  2. Click the filter icon in the column heading. The keywords are listed.
  3. Select a keyword to filter the list of managed computers.

Hopefully, using keywords will help you manage your Access Explorer managed computers more efficiently. For more information about managing managed computers, using keywords, and sorting and filtering columns, see the Enterprise Reporter Configuration Management User Guide.