How do you like your Virtualization?

I just returned home from a quick trip to New York to wine and dine some of our current and potential customers (Yes, my job is difficult around the holidays). When I kicked off my presentation during the luncheon at Morton's, I started out with a quick, but emotional joke: "Since I'm in New York eating at a Chicago steak house, I guess I can add steak to the list of things that Chicago does better than New York along with Hot Dogs and Pizza!" The sound of the "Boo's" from the audience were deafening. It was the exact reaction that I had expected, but at least I had the full attention of the audience at that point.


Alternatively, when I did a similar event in Chicago two weeks ago (Also at Morton's), I opened with the identical joke stating that "Quest invited me out to New York for a luncheon… In a Chicago steakhouse". The same Hot Dog, Pizza, and Steak joke was met by a roaring applause. At the end of my "Free Steak Tour", which also included Montreal (Eh?), I found a common thread; Almost everyone thoroughly enjoys Steak, Pizza, and Hot Dogs.


Quest recently released a Virtualization Management Survey that was taken at the VMworld events in Las Vegas and Copenhagen, encompassing organizations in both North America as well as Europe. The detailed results can be found through the following URL: ( Sorry everyone, registration is required. At least sales reps are easy to ignore.


One of the most interesting aspects of the survey is that even with a dynamic range of customer sizes and market industries, the problems that have been identified as organizations switch to a more dynamic datacenter are common across the board. These problems may manifest themselves in slightly different ways, and require slightly different approaches, but they still exist. Just like I prefer having to eat my pizza with a Knife, Fork, and Bib, vs. folding it in half twice to get it into my mouth; virtualization challenges can be solved using a variety of methods.


This variety of methods that organizations can leverage to solve their critical virtualization challenges is one of the best reasons why Quest Software is the right choice for Virtualization Management. Quest offers solutions that fit the requirements and budget of any sized IT organization, in any industry. Whether your challenge is Data Protection, Performance Monitoring, or Capacity Management, Quest has a set of solutions across Server and Desktop Virtualization that are right for you, and the market is starting to take note:


As a side note, as a long-time Cubs fan, I do have to admit that Baseball is the one thing New York does do better than Chicago.