How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Spend My Database Money More Effectively

Think about all the money your organisation spends on Oracle databases each year, and how nice it would be if you could spend less. How can you get a better return on your investment?



Jim Katsos and I have put together a series of live events around Australia in early April called How to Maximise the Value of Your Oracle Investment with Quest. We’re going to discuss how you use Oracle, how much variety there is in the database landscape nowadays, and how many choices you have in the tools you depend on to keep your organisation running smoothly on Oracle.

Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover.

Maximise the value of your Oracle investment

As pre-sales engineers, Jim and I are on the business end of a lot of database heartburn. We’ve designed our roadshow to air the questions and issues we hear most often and show you that you’re not the only Oracle professional out there who has them.

  • Why does the license agreement oblige me to use Oracle Enterprise Edition when I don’t need all those features? I’d rather use Standard Edition and save the money.
  • What else is happening in the world of databases? What’s growing in market share? What’s shrinking?
  • Since I won’t get permission to replace our entire Oracle back end, where and how else can we save money?
  • The cost of leaving Oracle has always been high. Why is the cost of staying on it even higher?
  • We’d start adopting other databases in addition to Oracle but we don’t want to invest in separate database tools for each vendor. Will we have to?

We at Dell don’t have a horse in the database race (we’ve never been a database vendor), but we’ve managed to make companies of all sizes in all industries happy with our broad line of database tools for the most common tasks DBAs execute:

  • Operational monitoring with Foglight for Oracle
  • Diagnostics and performance monitoring with Foglight’s Database Performance Analysis
  • SQL tuning with SQL Optimizer
  • PL/SQL (and others) development and database administration with Toad for Oracle
  • Simulating, validating and minimizing the risk from database changes with Benchmark Factory for Databases
  • Replicating databases with SharePlex (to Oracle or even NON-Oracle targets!)

Many of our customers have used these tools on multiple database platforms, including Oracle, to reduce their budgets, increase their ROI on databases and improve performance and uptime.

Have any questions about tools for Oracle (and other database platforms) and replication tools like SharePlex? Leave them in the comments below! Catchya, maaaaaate...