How to Build Accurate Schema Deployment Scripts - New videos on Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition

What are you using to compare and synchronize database schemas? DBAs need to be confident that deployment scripts accurately reflect the changes that were intended to come from development. The need for accurate scripts becomes even more urgent in companies moving toward Continuous Deployment.

We saw an ideal way to build those functions into Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition with Compare Schema & Sync. In fact, we’ve added a new feature, Compare Multiple Schemas & Sync, especially useful for DBAs who have to maintain the accuracy of multiple schemas between two databases.

  1. Open Compare Schema from the Toad menu.
  2. Select Source Schema by name (e.g., “prod”), then one or more target schemas by name (e.g., “test”).
  3. Optionally select a Toad snapshot file, which represents a schema in a certain state at a given point in time.
  4. Select the types of objects to compare and click Run.

Watch our John Pocknell demonstrate how to compare schemas in this Toad Xpert Edition video (3 minutes):