How to configure approval escalation in ARS 6.8?

Now in ARS 6.8 it's possible to configure approval escalation in change workflow. On "Approvers" tab of approval activity you can define two or more separate approver levels. If an approver of a given level does not complete the approval task within the specified time period, then ActiveRoles can assign the task to the approvers of the next level.

Each approver level has the following configuration options:

1. List of approvers

2. Approval task has no time limit

3. Approval task has a time limit of "number" days "number" hours

4. If approval task is not completed on time:

a. Cancel operation waiting for approval

b. Escalate approval task

5. Allow approver to delegate approval task

6. Allow approver to escalate approval task

The approver can escalate the task manually by clicking the button, if option "Allow approver to escalate approval task" is selected in approval activity.

If approval task has a time limit and it is not completed on time, it will be canceled or escalated to next level automatically. The "Due in" field in approval task caption informs that approval task has a time limit.