How to define list of countries on user interface

First of all, Active Directory has three attributes to keep country address - c, co, countryCode.


c - 2-char code of country name, country abbreviation, based on ISO 3166,

co - text, country name,

countryCode - integer, country code,


Interesting, Active Directore stores the 'co' attribute country name in accordance to local language. If you have English version of Active Directory, this attribute may contain english names of countries - Germany, United Kingdom, Russia. And if you have German version of Active Directory, this attrribute will contain german names - Deutschland, Gross Britanien, Russland. And it doesn't matter what language version of Active Directory do you have, the 'c' & 'countryCode' attribute always will contain the same values.


Well, ActiveRoles Server allows you to specify country address on MMC Console and Web Interface




Hmm.. the country list is too big. It allows me to select any of about 300 countries. But I don't need all of them in my domain. Say, I want only 3 countries in the list.

Simple... Let's configure and apply a PVG policy for that. Which of these 3 attributes should I use in the PVG? The 'c' attribute.



Well, only 3 countries will appear in the country list - Russia, Germany, and Great Britain.

Yes, it works