How to delegate right to recover in multi-RMAD environment

As you know RMAD can be used by many users simultaneously via RDP, but all users have same rights and it not possible to provide user with option to restore only in specific domain.

But for some environments we have workaround.

RMAD can export and import information about backups with Import-RMADBackup and Export-RMADBackup cmdlets.

For example some company has one "central console" which backs up all DCs. This company has branch office in Moscow and wants to provide on-site administrator with ability to restore DCs located there and restore users.

It is possible to schedule PowerShell-script on "central console" like one below

$export=Get-RMADBackup | Where-Object {($_.Date -gt (Get-Date).AddDays(-5)) -and ($_.Path -like "*Moscow*") –and ($_.ComputerName –like "*msk*")}

Export-RMADBackup -Path \\share\backup.xml -InputObject $export

And another one for import on console installed in Moscow

Import-RMADBackup \\share\backup.xml | Add-RMADBackup


So now administrator in Moscow can only have access to backups synced from "central console".

PS: We have many requests for implementing some kind of role-based model in RMAD and we plan to bring this functionality in future versions. So if you have any ideas or suggestions about this, please don't hesistate to tell us.