How to detect Java and .NET dependencies automatically

Something I'm asked time and time again by our customers and partners is: "How can we automatically detect dependencies in our applications?"

ChangeBASE v5 did have some functionality around dependencies, and we've improved on this in version 6.1. In ChangeBASE 6.1 we can detect Java and .NET dependencies, and we can give you a good idea as to which version of the dependency is required. This can be useful if you want to consider the impact of upgrading the version of .NET or Java on your servers or desktops.  Most people will use this type of checking as a point solution for an upgrade.

This is how it works:

  • ChangeBASE 6.1 is shipped with a new Assessment Group called "Dependency Analysis". The checks in this group are disabled by default which is why the text is grey (I'll explain why in a moment) but you can still see the dependencies with it in this state. You can see this new group in the Checks screen.
  • If you place a tick next to this group you'll be able to see all the .NET and Java dependencies for the apps you've imported and assessed. You can also expand the group and tick the individual checks if you'd prefer to see just one type of dependency.
  • Note that these dependencies are marked as amber (as shown in the RAG column in the right-hand side of the screenshot above) but the Assessment Group is showing as green. This is because the Checks are disabled.
  • If you untick Show -> Disabled Checks then the "Dependency Analysis" Assessment Group will disappear altogether from the screen. If you can't see this Assessment Group then try ticking Show -> Disabled Checks.
  • You can enable these Checks by ticking them and clicking "Enable Check". The text will become black and the Assessment Group will turn from green to amber (assuming you have some dependencies detected)
  • The important thing to note is that your packages which are currently green will become amber at this point. This is the reason we disable these checks by default. You may want to keep these disabled by default if you don’t want your pie charts to suddenly show more amber apps than before.
  • If you want to disable the checks again then just click "Disable Checks". I tend to keep them disabled all the time.

I hope you find this useful. Any feedback on this new feature is always welcome!