How to Enable Code Quality Assurance - New videos on Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition

It’s not easy to enforce a minimum level of quality in your organization’s code before check-in to version control, but it’s important to try. While application developers have been able to do this for a long time, it hasn’t been a mainstream function of database development environments.

With Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition you can combine the Team Coding feature with the Code Analysis feature I described in my last post and your version control system to ensure good coding policies at check-in and consistency across teams. Team Coding is a collaborative utility that accesses the version control system through the Toad editor. If somebody tries to check in code that does not conform to team or project standards, you can configure Team Coding to deny check-in until the code has been improved.

  1. Edit code and check it in to your version control system through the Toad for Oracle editor.
  2. If any of the code violates the standards you’ve set, you’ll receive a validation error that helps you find and repair the offending code.

Click on this 3-minute video of our John Pocknell demonstrating how to use Team Coding in Toad Xpert Edition: